Fredit Books

Whether you’re hunting down literary agents, small presses, or simply want to self-publish, finding a good editor is a vital step in any writer’s path to publication. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done; with the explosion in self-publishing and eBook publishing in the last decade, many less-than-savory individuals have leapt on the bandwagon, looking to cash in on first-time writers.

Thankfully, these charlatans can be easily avoided. There’s one tried and true method in particular that I’d heartily recommend: hiring me, Fred. Hi. Nice to meet you.

My history: I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a first-class BA with Hons. in English literature. I then obtained my MPhil from Trinity College Dublin. After graduating, I cut my editorial teeth working for BubbleCow. Riding that wave, I began editing for Kirkus Reviews, Standout Books, the Book Butchers, and the publishing houses Oxford University Press and Birlinn (Polygon). I’m now copyeditor for the University of Edinburgh’s Medicine Anthropology Theory journal and the DiaDev research project. I’ve certainly edited my fair share of pages: over 100 books’ worth in fact.

I’m communicative, professional, experienced, and very busy—so if you want to submit a sample, do so quickly! Of course, it’s easy for me to boast about being good at my job. Let’s see what my most recent client has to say after just a thousand-word sample:

“Your sample edit of Anomeka is by far the best I’ve seen. Not only do you offer excellent line editing, but you dig deeper and actually help restructure the sentence and give thoughtful comments. Frankly, it seems you put passion in your work, it really shines through, and that is exactly what I need. I’m not writing just for fun, I want to get this published, and your professional editing may just help me get there.  I’m sold.”


Any doubts? Questions? Get in touch today.