“Fred!! This is genius! I’m really, really impressed: the report was on point and way more detailed than I expected. How did you manage all of that in five days?! I reckon you should be charging more.” – Zoe B. C. Emma, author of Keren Incarnate

Your sample edit of Anomeka is by far the best I’ve seen. Not only do you offer excellent line editing, but you dig deeper and actually help restructure the sentence and give thoughtful comments. Frankly, it seems you put passion in your work, it really shines through, and that is exactly what I need. I’m not writing just for fun, I want to get this published, and your professional editing may just help me get there.  I’m sold.” – Christopher Howard, author of Anomeka

“My editor was Fred Johnson and he did an outstanding job editing my book. I was very impressed. He was extremely thorough, and he caught inconsistencies that nobody else had noticed. His suggestions really helped tighten up the writing and make the meaning clearer. The turnaround was very fast as well. Highly recommend.” – Christina Anastas, author of Picky Pown

“Fred Johnson was my editor and he was brilliant. He answered all my questions with clear explanations. I found all his suggestions and comments very helpful. At some point, I felt like I was with a writing coach.” – Maricar Banguis, author of Otuna’s Flute

“I just finished going through the edits, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Your suggestions make the text tighter, the story flow better, and the whole book more coherent and much more readable. I learned a lot from your comments.
Thank you for fixing all my errors, my over-explanations, and the rest!” – T.L. Frances, author or The Bird Queen’s Book

“Personal praise is all well and good but criticism is where the learning takes place–learning how to be a better writer. Fred, my editor, gave them both in an encouraging manner. He brought out the shine that lay hidden within my text with good suggestions.” – Robert Lashley, author of The Mind Full

“It was great working with Fred whose comments were spot on, insightful, and have improved the manuscript 1000%.” – Deanna Cabinian, author of One Night

“Thank you so much for the all the help, it was all incredibly useful and really helped develop the novella the way I wanted to” – Elina Bahar, author of The Cancer Book

“I was pleased with the overall editing and realize now how much I was missing with my previous editor. Thank you very much.” – Joni Colon, author of Deceived and Perseverance

Terrific job… you may make me a better author yet.” – Richard Castagner, author of Saving America

“These guys were great. Gary and Fred are pros. I have a much better book due to their insight. Do not be intimidated by their comments. They are there to help and you will not be disappointed.” – John McHenry, author of Black Lick Creek and the City of Broken People

“I just want to say thanks so much for helping me structure the novel and for all the critique. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your edit and am very pleased that I can now move forward with confidence.” – Nadia Maddy, author of Corpo Seco

“I thought I should write you and confirm that I received the edited manuscript and (my) I’m thrown off my chair. This is incredible, sir. I’m going through it and making the changes but, I’m grateful, I love the edits, they’re just off the chains! thanks sooo much!” – Batta Edrin, author of Suzan 2

“I’d like to say that I think your feedback on the novel is fantastic. I feel like it’s really going to go a long way towards polishing what’s there.” – Dave Brush, author of The Founder’s Strain

“I want to take this opportunity to say how pleased I was with Fred’s edits and that his editor style is perfect. What I liked about Fred’s editing was not only did he thrive to help make my story the best it can be by changing things and picking up errors, but he also used praise in the areas in which he liked. This I find to be a huge part of the editing process as it allows me as the author to enjoy going through the edits knowing that it is not completely comments about faults. For this I thank Fred enormous for making this an enjoyable experience for me.

“I was extremely happy with Fred’s comments and suggestions and have incorporated them all. The biggest one being my lack of character dialogue which became much more apparent to me after Fred pointed it out. I have now added plenty of conversation and feel this has really benefited my book, and my characters.

“Reading my edit notes I felt as though Fred really understood what my story was about from the beginning, and I would certainly hope to work with him again in the future.” – Chris Turnbull, author of Carousel

“You really worked this last part and so far I’m very happy with your changes. If this thing makes money someday, I’ll send some your way, you deserve it.” – Jorge Torrente, author of Escambray